• Rules and Tips

    • Ride on the road, in the direction of traffic.
    • Obey traffic laws. Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic signals.
    • Signal turns.
    • Share the road.
    • Wear bright clothing.


    Communicate your intentions to other cyclists, by calling out, in a loud voice:

    • “On your Left!”
    • “Passing!”
    • “Car Back!”
    • “Car Up!”
    • “Clear!”
    • “Stopping!”
    • “Slowing!”
    • “Pothole!”
    • “Door!”
    • “Tracks!”
    • “Gravel!”
  • Left Turns

    If you are turning left, use the left turn lane. If you are not comfortable with this, walk or cautiously ride your bike through an intersection using the crosswalk lights. Watch for cars turning right- drivers turning right generally check only for cars, not pedestrians or cyclists.


    • Many accidents are caused when cyclists are going faster than circumstances dictate. Always control your speed.
    • Use front and rear brakes simultaneously. Using only the front brake could cause you to fly over the handlebars.
    • On long or steep downhills, pumping your brakes will keep them from over-heating and prevent your rear wheel from locking up.
    • Use extra caution in downhill corners. There can be gravel, potholes, or unseen obstacles in turns that could cause you to loose control.

    Stay Visible to Vehicles

    Take the time to learn where you should position yourself relative to other cars on the road. This site has important advice for adults who cycle less often.

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